About Us

With a full helping of professionalism, stirred by compassion and garnished with caring smile, we aim to install a sense of honest loyalty amongst all our team members and customers alike. To welcome and be welcomed as a trusted family member everyday everywhere.

Who We are

Welcome to N3 Solutions where we understand the ongoing challenges all business face. Our objective is to bridge the gap of inconsistencies by offering you a customized all-encompassing industrial cleaning essential and cost-effective work solution. With a national footprint, we offer a comprehensive resolution to all your general and specialized consumables, cleaning chemicals, work wear, PPE, footwear, paper tissue, brush ware and janitor requirements.

In the office or workshop, the classroom, or your facility grounds, we are proficient to address all your requirements and demands. Coupled with our custom designed logistical model, we are able to fulfil your confirmed orders within 24 hours by our well-trained delivery network.

In addition, we also offer a short introductory training course to your staff members in the relevant work areas ensuring the correct application and safe usage of all chemical products. This to ensure safe application practices as-well as cost management procedures.

Strategy & Vision


To be a comprehensive multifunctional supplier of the highest standard of products and equipment. Continually working towards service excellence and offering the latest products and adding value to every end user’s experience with cost sensitivity in mind. Identifying and empowering our team members with educations and loyalty.


To empower producers and users by mutual connections. To inspire and be inspired by humanity and to be a benchmark for commerce and people alike


  • Firm adherence to a code of especially moral values.
  • Competitive pricing to support added product value.
  • High level of Technical Expertise.
  • Take ownership and provide alternatives without compromising quality.
  • Customer Support on a continuous basis.
  • Conformance to applicable regulations and standards.
  • Care and compassion … to team members and customers alike.
  • Passion creates progress.
  • Quality and care in important to us.

Management & Ownership

N3 SOLUTIONS PTY LTD is a BEEE Level 2 company that puts people and relationships first. When you choose N3 Solutions, be sure that you are partnering with a team of consumable supply experts that will provide you with:

  • An extensive uncompromised and comprehensive product range.
  • Technical advice and back-up with accredited SABS certifications on a large number of items and materials.
  • Many years of experience with a cemented foundation creating new and personalized long-term relationships.
  • A team that applies family values to our work ethics to ensure that high levels of integrity and accountability are maintained in all we do.

Business We work with

N3 Solutions has a vast range of customers ranging across all spectra of business.  From manufacturing, service, supply, education, hospitality only to name but a few.