An integral part and one of the most important tools in your janitorial arsenal, brooms and mops initiates the hard and key sectors of good houskeeping. This sets the first impression of quality in any organization and demonstrates discipline and care, to the working employees and customers alike.

Mops – All Types

Applications specific mops for designated areas to general purpose mops are available in a variety of designs, with colour coded options available in line with housekeeping protocols.

Brooms – All Types

Described as a vital tool in the housekeeper’s arsenal, broom form the basis of general upkeep and maintenance of your facility floors. This then also the basis of injury prevention as all tripping hazards are cleared from the floors.

Cloths and Rags – All Types

Cleaning, drying, sweeping, polishing, or sanitizing rags or cloths form the vehicle from which detergents or abrasives are applied or removed from any objects. From multipurpose applications to specialized products, a vast range available to suite any and all requirements and needs.


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