Paper Tissue, Rolls and Wipes

A solution that drives the optimization of every facet of the paper user, promotes the correct application-for-use initiatives, is intuitive and easy to deploy and integrate, and scales with the client needs. Best quality tissue paper products for home and out of home use to the public, educational and business sectors.

2 Ply Virgin Toilet Tissue

2 Ply Virgin Toilet Tissue

For those best appointed, accustomed to comfort and a situation of great ease, this 2 Ply Virgin Luxury Soft Toilet Tissue is the absolute market leader.

Available in both 350 and 200 sheets per roll respectively.

1 Ply VirginToilet Tissue

For affordable indulgence, this 1 Ply Virgin Luxury Soft Toilet Tissue offers all the comfort and DNA of the 2ply sister paper to a cost sensitive consumer.

Available in 500 and 300 sheets per roll respectively.

1 Ply Virgin Toilet Tissue
1ply-toilet paper

1 Ply Recycle Toilet Tissue

Designed and manufactured to the highest standards from 100% recycled post textbook and office paper only, this Quality 1 Ply Toilet Tissue has a very small human footprint, saving natural resources and reduce the industrial impact on the planet.

Available in 500 and 300 sheets per roll respectively.

Serviette Virgin Paper

Manufactured from 100% Virgin Paper with absorption enhancing agents for the perfect tissue partner to wipe, decorate or protect in and around the kitchen or dining areas

Available both 1 and 2 Ply and cut 300x300 , 300x 200 and 330x330mm

Serviette Virgin Paper
Virgin Paper Wipes-Rolls

Virgin Paper Wipes/Rolls

The perfect tool for effective and easy application in and outdoors, domestic and industrial, enhancing you everyday work experience.

Available in 170mmx3.2kg, 160mmx2.3kg, 160mmx1.7kg, 280mmx5.4kg, 210mmx4kg, 200x750g, 150mmx1.2kg, 6x200x150 Reflex, 6x200x140 Reflex, 6x205x150 Barrel and 4x240x360 Barrel

Kitchen Towels

This extremely versatile and practical addition to the kitchen or mess, dining table or communal lunch area, meets all your wiping and protective needs with it’s thicker, more durable material, perfect for absorbing unwanted residue.

Available in rolls of 66 – 2Ply Sheets and packaged 2 Rolls per Pack

Kitchen Towels

Facial Tissues

A disposable alternative for a cloth handkerchief, designed with the sensitive facial area in mind, this tissue paper is soft, durable and absorbent.

Available in in both 1 and 2 Ply boxed units respectively

Folded Hand Towels

Folded hand towels refer to the way the towel is folded up in the pack and perfect for dispensers in kitchens, ablutions, workshops, and wash areas.

Available in both 1 and 2 Ply alternatives


Nova Medical Bed Sheets

A cost effective and sanitized alternative to cloth material sheets. Perfect for accident or emergency rooms.

Available in a 2 Ply - 6 x 50m Roll.

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