Work and Foot Wear:

Workwear amplifies and promotes a key part of an organization’s identity. Not only does this attire encourage high levels of professionalism and encourage uniformity, creates long-lasting impressions, and establish a reputable report, it ensures that staff are correctly outfitted for distinct tasks performed.

All Types of Overalls
(Fire , Acid Retardant with Reflective Strips)

Options ranging from single to triple stitched seems, 100% cotton to blends, chemical, acid and fire retardant to static proof garment, reflective suits and one-piece garments. All garments manufactured to the highest standards and adhering to all regulatory requirements and large number of items manufactured with certified SABS materials.

Custom Overalls
Made to size and Colour

For the distinct and uncompromised customer garments are made to order. Custom garment manufactured with SABS approved materials to your specifications with a professional embroidery section at your service.

Men and Ladies
Safety Boots and Shoes

Ensure a safe and comfortable work experience by trusted and tested brands to improve moral and productivity in you operation.

All Types Local and Imported Shoes. Brands Including CAT / BOVA / Bronx / Lemaitre / SISI / Wayne / Frams / Profit / Rebel / Crasshpper / Passion ect.

All types of Gloves
(Household to Industrial and Specialized)

Gloves cover your and the hands of all employees. By covering it you protect skin against chemical absorption, heat, rough and hard elements, infections and contaminants.

Be it household, industrial, manufacturing, building, chemical resistant, hypersensitive sensitive and garden gloves, your staff and company benefits.

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